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In one of my last few posts I have given you the Seven Steps to iPhone Development. I mentioned that I’m having great fun watching the free Stanford University iPhone Development Course which are available via iTunesU . Each week, in the 10 week class, there is a number of subjects covered in the tutorials and assignments set, that will build upon each other. OK for those of us that are not on campus, as we have the ability to take our time over each... but would you like to see behind the camera? WIRED has just posted a story here. Let's hope that the guy in the 3rd picture has not been partying too hard & did not miss too much ;-) Ian ... (more)

Five Days to SYS-CON's iPhone Developer Summit

We now have just 5 days until SYS-CON's iPhone Developer Summit in New York's Roosevelt Hotel. During the now two-day event, there will be nine presenters as well as exhibitors, such as Sybase Today I give the spotlight to two more of our presenters: Mastering View Controllers - Ernie Svehla - Chief Architect, IntelliObject In this session we take a detailed look at best practices for leveraging the various view controllers bundled with the iPhone SDK. We start off with a quick review of the critical role view controllers play in the development of iPhone applications then dive into best practices for integrating multiple different types of view controllers together to support specific application needs. Speaker Bio: Ernie Svehla, Chief Architect of IntelliObjects Inc., has been developing iPhone applications for the health care industry since the SDK's release. He ha... (more)

iPhone OS 3.0 Hits the Streets Today

Today June 17, is the day that iPhone OS 3.0 is available to the masses for download and I'm predicting upgrade fever will be the phrase for today and the next few weeks. History... On May 6th 2009, after a few rapid cycles, iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 was released for general consumption, still within the iPhone Developer Program and under NDA. Though the big news that accompanied it, was that Apple would no longer be accepting any iPhone or iPod touch applications that were not compatible with iPhone OS 3.0.To quote Apple's email... "Beginning today, all submissions to the App Store will be reviewed on the latest beta of iPhone OS 3.0. If your app submission is not compatible with iPhone OS 3.0, it will not be approved." This started developers and companies alike to certify their applications for 3.0. Sybase was one such company that successfully re-certified their iA... (more)

Running Development Code on Your iPhone

As a new developer to iPhone Development, I am following my Seven Steps, that I wrote about in the past. As part of step #5 & #6 combined you as a developer will need to overcome the hurdle of runninh your code on your device and the devices of your testers. Take it from me this can be a little tricky, but for this week only Dan Grigsby has made available a screencast on this subject for FREE!.... you can find it at the most excellent Mobile Orchard Website ... (more)

Senthil Krishnapillai of Sybase iAnywhere Speaks with SYS-CON.TV

Did you miss the SYS-CON iPhone Developer Summit EAST in New York City which happened June 22-23 2009? Shame on you if you were not there, but do not worry as the guys at SYS-CON.TV recorded an interview with Senthil Krishnapillai of Sybase iAnywhere. See it here. Senthil covers quite a few interesting ideas and Sybase directions with regard to Enterprise iPhone & Enterprise Mobility. Sybase will also be sponsoring and presenting at the iPhone Developer Summit WEST in Santa Clara, CA on Nov 3rd ... (more)

BPM on Demand – Fantasy or Fast Track to Agility?

The automation of processes is a key enabler of the Cloud phenomenon – without process the Cloud remains a passive environment that undoubtedly saves you money and removes some of the operational headaches, but does little else. The Cloud without process cannot deliver on the promise of Business Technology or the Service-Oriented Enterprise. All of the thoughts and ideas around assembling applications quickly to support a business imperative simply will not happen without process technology. However we need to be very clear – process management in the cloud is not just about BPM Suites on demand. Indeed, the term BPM on Demand is beginning to take on a new meaning when used in conjunction with cloud computing. The traditional use of BPM on Demand is often used to describe Software as a Service that delivers a BPM Suite as a Service (BPMSaaS) much like customer rela... (more)

A Brief History of the Agile Movement

In February this year the agile movement completed 11 years of existence. I am sure you are either using some form of agile methodology or examining the possibility of using them. But, are you aware of how the agile movement happened? Did it happen by chance or was it inevitable? Do you know what influenced the agile manifesto? Who the authors are? What are their backgrounds and what do they do now? How was the name “Agile” selected? The Influencers It is clear from the notes published by Jon Kern that four methodologies had significant influence on the manifesto – they are: Scrum (Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber – also Mike Beedle) DSDM (DSDM Consortium represented by Arie van Bennekum) ASD (Jim Highsmith) XP (Kent Beck, Ward Cunningham and Ron Jeffries – Martin Fowler) Prior to the meet all these methodologies were classified as “Lightweight Methodologies”. The mee... (more)

Securing and Delivering Business Data on the iPhone

No one can doubt the success of Apple's iPhone, as it's now sold in over 70 countries and to date has well over 13 million units in use. I have been keeping a close watch and I'm sure that each one of us can say that they have seen one in use by a friend, neighbor and even a passerby in the street. It is my opinion that the success story has happened not just because the iPhone is a great device, but it is the all-around user experience that it creates which makes it so compelling! With the iPhone more than earning its place in the consumer market, it is now being adopted by corporations. So the next time you see the hottest device around, it may be in the hands of colleagues or competitors, giving them the edge over you! This adoption is being driven by such factors as the multitude of general applications available via Apple's iTunes AppStore. But let's ask ourse... (more)

Technical Hints for UITableViewCells

Late last year I was shown a great technical hint for building Custom UITableViewCells with Interface Builder, by Julio Barros. Julio, not being shy to step up to the plate has posted this. I then suggested to Julio that it would be great to put together a technical webcast on this. Julio, not being shy to step up to the plate has posted this on E-String Technologies Inc Check it out. I'm also happy to see that Julio is one of the latest Ulitzer Authors - at - where I hope that Julio can blog on iPhone Development. ... (more)

i(Phone) Have My Data Here, Now I Want It There...What's the Problem?

I was speaking to a friend of mine this week about iPhone development, especially around database development. I posed, what I thought was a straight forward question to him, which opened a whole can of worms, but worms that I've seen before. My scenario went like this... I want an app that uses SQLite on the device. I would want that device to get DB updates/records, securely over the air,  specific to that user and I want the database to be secure. Those updates/records I want to come from a Server DB, that could be any of the Enterprise Database. I want the user to use the application, which could add, delete or create new records in the device database, then the application should send its changes back securely across the air to the Enterprise DB. My friend thought on it for a while then said... Based on what you've written, then I would suggest some possibilities... (more)

Jet Aviation Selects HCL AXON's iMRO Solution

HCL AXON has announced that Jet Aviation has selected HCL AXON's proprietary maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solution, iMRO, to optimize the management of MRO operations within their existing installations of SAP solutions. In addition to Jet Aviation, three other global aerospace and defense organizations have chosen HCL AXON's iMRO solution to address their MRO needs. Jet Aviation, a long time user of SAP solutions, is in the process of upgrading and enhancing its SAP solution-based footprint. The goal of this project is to better support cabin completion complex project management, MRO operations, and shop-floor usability. "iMRO will provide enhanced usability features that will allow us to further optimize the use of our SAP solution," explained Andreas Haller, director of IT Solutions for Jet Aviation. "This, combined with the increased functions avail... (more)